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Close Old Comments with BlogJanitor

One way to reduce blog spam is to reduce the opportunity by closing comments on old entries. There have been several plugins in the past that accomplished this, but they either don't work with the newer versions of MT, or aren't supported anymore. To address this need, plugin developer Mark Carey has recently released BlogJanitor, a plugin that will automatically close comments and trackbacks on old entries, as well as deleting duplicate comments and trackbacks. Thanks Mark!

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I always felt that closing old comments was sort of giving in to the spammers. It prevents folks from commenting who might find your blog by a Google search that drops them into an old entry.

Right now I've found that nearly all of my comments and trackback spam (I'd say 99.9%) is blocked by the CCode/TCode plugins. They don't even make it for Spamlookup to process.

Just as effective as the old Scode plugin but no human tests and no need to close old comments.

You're welcome, Elise.

Quick note: instead of linking to the home page of MT Hacks above, it would be better to link to the Blog Janitor page. (It has been a busy week for MT Hacks, as I have already done 2 plugin releases since Blog Janitor!)

Personally, I agree with salguod somewhat, and I don't plan on using the Close Comments feature on my sites. I use several techniques to fight spam, which work very well (though not perfect). That said, I know that a lot of people like the "close comments" approach -- and for some sites, that may be a good fit. So I added it to Blog Janitor's task list, as it s fite well into the Blog Janitor model. Its another option for dealing with spam -- people can choose the tool(s) that best meet their needs.

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