Learning Movable Type: Plugin Compatibility and MT3.3

MT3.3 is out (Get your version upgrade here.) But before you attempt an upgrade, make sure that your plugins are all compatible with MT3.3.

MT3.3 introduces the ability to create transformer plugins which allow you to modify the MT interface. Because of this, MT is now completely incompatible with Kevin Shay's BigPAPI plugin, and all plugins that depend on BigPAPI. In addition, there are some plugins which are not BigPAPI plugins that will have compatibility problems with MT3.3. To help all of us with the upgrade process, I'm starting a list of plugins that are known to be incompatible with MT3.3, and links to their compatible upgrades if available. Note that many of these upgrades will work with MT3.3 but not with MT3.2. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. If you have news of plugins not mentioned here that were compatible with MT3.2 but are not with MT3.3, please let us know in the comments. If you have news of plugins that have been updated for MT3.3, please let us know in the comments.

Plugins with known compatibility issues:

BigPAPI - disable it before upgrading.
BetterFileUploader 1.08 - Dan is working on it
Tags.App - conflicts with the new tag feature of MT3.3
MT-tagslite - conflicts with the new tag feature of MT3.3
MTTagInvoke 0.9 - the MTTagName tag is used for the tags feature in MT3.3. This plugin is also incompatible with MT3.2
MTPreview - Edward Hasbrouck has a hack for this plugin to get it to work with MT3.3
MTSomedays - some people have experienced problems with this and MT3.31
Workflow - David Raynes is working on it

Plugins with compatible updates available:

BigTemplateWindow - 3.3.01 update
CCode and TCode - 3.3.01 update
CustomFields - 1.21 update
EnhancedEntryEditing - 1.11 update
Feed Manager - 1.3 update
Icon-o-matic - 2.08 update
LinkEntryToFile - 1.1 update
LivePreview - 1.02 update
MainMenuRecent - 1.1 update
MediaManaager - 1.1 update
MTBlogroll - 2.12 update
MTNotifier - 3.4.6 update
MTProtect - 1.22 update
Multiblog - 1.99.6b update
Photo Gallery - 1.7 update
Plugin Manager - 1.03 update
QuickImagePpost - update
RightFields - 1.1 update
SimpleComments - 1.33 update
UpdateEntryDate (formerly UpdateAuthoredOn) - 1.1 update
WeblogsActionMenu - 1.1 update

Plugins that are bundled in with MT3.3 so we know they are compatible:

Feeds.App Lite
Template Backup and Refresh
Widget Manager (used to be Sidebar Manager)
Google Search

Plugins with no known MT3.3 compatibility issues:

Compare 1.1
Feeds.App 2.01
ParentCategoryRebuild 2.02

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