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Plugin Compatibility and MT3.3

MT3.3 is out (Get your version upgrade here.) But before you attempt an upgrade, make sure that your plugins are all compatible with MT3.3.

MT3.3 introduces the ability to create transformer plugins which allow you to modify the MT interface. Because of this, MT is now completely incompatible with Kevin Shay's BigPAPI plugin, and all plugins that depend on BigPAPI. In addition, there are some plugins which are not BigPAPI plugins that will have compatibility problems with MT3.3. To help all of us with the upgrade process, I'm starting a list of plugins that are known to be incompatible with MT3.3, and links to their compatible upgrades if available. Note that many of these upgrades will work with MT3.3 but not with MT3.2. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. If you have news of plugins not mentioned here that were compatible with MT3.2 but are not with MT3.3, please let us know in the comments. If you have news of plugins that have been updated for MT3.3, please let us know in the comments.

Plugins with known compatibility issues:

BigPAPI - disable it before upgrading.
BetterFileUploader 1.08 - Dan is working on it
Tags.App - conflicts with the new tag feature of MT3.3
MT-tagslite - conflicts with the new tag feature of MT3.3
MTTagInvoke 0.9 - the MTTagName tag is used for the tags feature in MT3.3. This plugin is also incompatible with MT3.2
MTPreview - Edward Hasbrouck has a hack for this plugin to get it to work with MT3.3
MTSomedays - some people have experienced problems with this and MT3.31
Workflow - David Raynes is working on it

Plugins with compatible updates available:

BigTemplateWindow - 3.3.01 update
CCode and TCode - 3.3.01 update
CustomFields - 1.21 update
EnhancedEntryEditing - 1.11 update
Feed Manager - 1.3 update
Icon-o-matic - 2.08 update
LinkEntryToFile - 1.1 update
LivePreview - 1.02 update
MainMenuRecent - 1.1 update
MediaManaager - 1.1 update
MTBlogroll - 2.12 update
MTNotifier - 3.4.6 update
MTProtect - 1.22 update
Multiblog - 1.99.6b update
Photo Gallery - 1.7 update
Plugin Manager - 1.03 update
QuickImagePpost - update
RightFields - 1.1 update
SimpleComments - 1.33 update
UpdateEntryDate (formerly UpdateAuthoredOn) - 1.1 update
WeblogsActionMenu - 1.1 update

Plugins that are bundled in with MT3.3 so we know they are compatible:

Feeds.App Lite
Template Backup and Refresh
Widget Manager (used to be Sidebar Manager)
Google Search

Plugins with no known MT3.3 compatibility issues:

Compare 1.1
Feeds.App 2.01
ParentCategoryRebuild 2.02


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Comments (26)

There is an update for Workflow as well.

Laurent Mihalkovic's MT-Preview plugin no longer works when MT is upgraded to MT 3.3.

I've hacked the MT 3.3 default templates to make MT-Preview work, at least for me, and have posted the hacked files and an explanation at:


Actually, there will be some plugins which are not BigPAPI plugin which will have compatibility problems with MT 3.31: Those which refer to undefined object properties.

From the changelog:

Case 25012: object audit has an unnecessary blog_id requirement
DEVELOPER: MT::Object functionality change: attempting to refer to undefined object properties will result in a fatal error.

What happened here is that MT turned on a sort of 'strict mode' which helps plugin developers develop working plugins (and help the MT developers introduce less bugs into the code). There will be some pain right now, while the plugins are fixed, but in the long run, this means less niggling bugs that are hard to find.

Toni [TypeKey Profile Page]:

FormatList v1.2 adds buttons to the edit and entry screens to create bulleted and numbered lists easily. There's a new version for 3.31 that doesn't rely on the BigPAPI plugin.

What a shame nobody is working on an update for Typemover. No other plugin comes close to it for backuping up and moving weblogs.

Su [TypeKey Profile Page]:

For what it's worth, Dashify and Supplemental Category Tags don't conflict with 3.31, but they are obsolete, if you feel like doing a little template/plugin cleanup.

Working for me: Compare 1.1, Collate, Glue, Paginate, GoogleMaps, YahooMaps, ParentCategoryRebuild 2.02, Switch, Textile, Smartypants, Varz, IfArchive.

You missed Google Search in the bundled list.

Jenna Pfister [TypeKey Profile Page]:

DirifyPlus is working for me. Thanks for putting this list together. :)

Lisa [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Seems like Akismet is broken (I don't run it so I have not confirmed this):

Thank you for maintaining this list!

DateTags 2.3 (at least one tag) and Amputator 1.2 are both working on our blog.

the MTInclude plugin no longer works also.

See http://forums.sixapart.com/index.php?showtopic=52755

Feeds.app Lite may appear to be compatible for you, but it's broken to buggery on my install, and I have no idea why. Keeps throwing up 500 Server errors. I've turned it off in irritation. In fact I've turned off most of the new plugins because I couldn't get any of them working, including stylecatcher. Grr. Grrr.

Hi Tom,
Good to know about your issues with Feeds.app. I don't use it myself. Anyone else testing this one with MT3.3?

Regarding StyleCatcher, it took me at least an hour to get it to work. First thing is to give the stylecatcher.cgi 755 permissions. The stylecatcher.cgi file is buried in the stylecatcher plugin folder, not at the top level of the MT install. The next thing was to make sure that the paths were correct on the configuration of stylecatcher. This you do from the plugin menu in MT. Not only did I have the paths wrong (they are wrong by default) but I had forgotten to load the stylecatcher images into mt-static. There's a whole new folder for plugin images in the new mt-static. It seems to be working now, but I must say as a new user of Stylecatcher, I don't think it works that well. Take forever to load the styles. The interface leaves a lot of questions (how do you save/unsave a style?) But I did get it working.

Hey Elise! Great list, thanks.

Just wanted to let you know that there is a hackish workaround for TypeMover. I just used it the other day and it complained because it couldn't find mt.cfg -- so what I did was make a copy of my mt-config.cgi and called it mt.cfg, and it worked like a charm.


MTAdminLink is not compatible.

I'd been using MTLJPost to automatically cross-post my entries to my LiveJournal blog, but it won't work with 3.3, and I don't think the developer will update it, since they now use Drupal.

No one seems to have commented on this but I am unable to use Tags.App 1.13 which you have as Plugins with no known MT3.3 compatibility issues, although you also have:-
Tags.App - conflicts with the new tag feature of MT3.3.
This needs a bit of clarification. Maybe I need to reinstall tags app 1.13, but from reading Tim Appnel I thought it was not being developed to become compatable at the moment?

Elise [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hi Art,

Good catch. I removed Tags.App from the no known issues list.

Jeff Walton:

Hi, does anyone know if Calx, written by Brad Choate is compatible with 3.3?


Jeff Walton:

Update to my Calx plug-in question: I just upgraded to MT 3.32 and no problems encountered with the Calx plug-in version 1.1

Su [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Enclosures( to be exact) works.

Acronym 2.0 works and so does Scripturizer.


Paged Archives

Rumore has it MTPAginate is no good for mt 3.33

I'm not 100% sure I belive this since things *do work*, it's just that our MT back end is incredibly slow now and six apart claims MTPaginate is to blame. I'm still going through the plugins and getting rid of the ones we're not using, so it's possible there are other things going on.


Paginate works perfectly under 3.3x.
It's a bit of a resource hog(and always has been), but that's a different discussion. There's nothing wrong with its functionality, strictly speaking.

Hey Su! Good to hear from ya... do you know of any decent pagination solutions that don't involve the paginate plugin? Especially for super long category archive pages? It seems to really kill our rebuild times.


Well, there's Chad's Smarty pagination example, though I've never used it myself.

Paged Archives is significantly smaller than Paginate, and seems to work faster for me, but I can't really give you any numbers on that; it's just impression. I haven't applied it to anything huge, though, so it may also end up being slow. If you try it, it'd be nice to hear about results. One nice thing is that it's static, if you're ever in a case where server load from traffic is also a consideration.

As a last ditch, I've seen some people say that just using multiple templates with tiered offsets on the MTEntries tag is often faster than the Paginate plugin itself.

One definite factor in builds taking a long time, though, is a certain blogger tendency to want to show everything at all times. Even trimming how much the category archives display can take a big chunk of out builds. For example, only show full content for the most recent X entries, and then titles after that. While the archives are handy, I'm personally not so sure people really need immediate access to that three-year-old item. Anybody actually interested in something that old is prepared to dig by default, and should probably be using the monthlies, anyway.


At least one report of CloseComments working under 3.33

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