Learning Movable Type: Weather

Here are some fun and useful weather utilities you can easily add to your weblog:

  1. Weatherpixie

    Weatherpixie is a small bit of javascript code that you can place in your sidebar that generates a graphic showing the local weather. You determine the location for the weather report and choose from a selection of pixie images. Place the javascript from www.weatherpixie.com in the sidebar sections of your Main Index or archive templates.

    The WeatherPixie

  2. WeatherForYou.com

    Enter a city and state or zip code to get your local weather. On the results page on the left hand side, scroll down to "Weather for Websites" in the sidebar. Click on that link to get instructions on how to put the weather button on your page.

  3. Weathersticker

    Click for San Francisco, California Forecast

Posted by Elise Bauer on March 8, 2004 11:55 AM to Learning Movable Type http://www.learningmovabletype.com/