Learning Movable Type: Creating an About Page

There are two basic ways to create an about page in Movable Type. The first is to just create it as any ordinary entry. Then use the permalink URL to link to it from your main page. Unless you want comments and trackbacks on your About page, disable them for that entry. The other method is to create a new index template just for your About information. The steps for this method are outlined as follows:

1. From the templates menu, select Create new index template. Name the template something recognizable as referring to an about page. Pick a name for the output file and enter it in the output file field. Use either the .html or .php extension for the ouput file name, depending on what file type you are using in your weblog.


If you plan to have content on your about page that updates when you add a new entry, a sidebar of recent entries or archives, for example, keep the rebuild this template automatically box checked. If not, uncheck it to reduce server load.

2. Copy the main index template and paste it into the new about file template body window. Remove all the tags between (and including) <MTEntries> and </MTEntries>. Remove any other extraneous main body or side bar tag sections that you don't want on your about page. Replace the body section that you removed with text for your About section. Save and rebuild your template.

3. Place links to your about page on your Main Index template and on your Individual Entry Archive template. If you have chosen "about.html" as the output file for your About index template, then the URL for your new About page will be your-blog-url/about.html. You can find your site URL or blog url by checking your weblog config core set-up page. See the Add Your Links Here tutorial to see how to add a hyperlink to a template.

You can also make your About page a popup window. See How to Make a Popup Window. Save templates and rebuild your site.

Posted by Elise Bauer on September 23, 2004 11:38 AM to Learning Movable Type http://www.learningmovabletype.com/