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What is a QuickPost Bookmarklet?

Updated February 21, 2007

A bookmarklet is a small bit of Javascript code that you can place in your browser favorites or bookmarks. Whenever you want to use the functionality of that code you can click on your browser bookmark for it. There are lots of bookmarklets available for all sorts of uses. In Movable Type, there is a bookmarklet available to make it really easy to post a new entry to your weblog.

How do I use the MT-Bookmarklet?

1. Click on "Set Up a QuikPost Bookmarklet" from the Main Menu editing screen.

2. Select what items you would like to include on your entry edit. Click on "Create".

3. Drag the "QuickPost" link to your browser toolbar.

4. Now you are ready to use the bookmarklet. Anytime you want to post a new entry, just select the bookmarklet from your bookmarks. If you are surfing on a webpage that you would like to write about on your weblog, just click on the "Post to MT Weblog" bookmark. That will open up a weblog entry screen with a link to the website page you're on.


Beginner Tip: Bookmark Those Bookmarklets!