About Learning Movable Type

Learning Movable Type (LMT) is a growing set of tutorials, presented in blog format, aimed at helping users of the Movable Type (MT) web publishing platform. These tutorials are geared for those with a good understanding of HTML, a fair understanding of CSS, but who are not necessarily programmers or web designers.

Although LMT is presented as a blog, think of it more as a living, dynamic book, with topics representing chapters, and with tutorials that get added or updated every once in a while. As with a book, the best place to start is with the Topics in the right sidebar. Click on a chapter heading to see the list of tutorials contained. The Index lists the subjects (or tags) you may find explored in LMT. You can also use the search form in the sidebar to look-up a topic. Note that we try to update the tutorials when we can, but not all of them have the most up-to-date information. Check the date that the entry was posted, or if there is an "Update" note under the date to see when the tutorial was updated last.

Most of what is presented here we learned through trial and error and with the numerous suggestions of the generous contributors at Movable Type's Support Forum. We ask that you please make any support requests on the MT Support Forum. There you will find a whole team of knowledgeable experts who are more than willing to help.

Please do not email any requests for support or troubleshooting of your website. Make your requests on the Support Forum.

Comments Policy

LMT is not a forum, nor it is a typical blog; it is much more like a book. As such, although comments are welcome on most of the posts, any comment that we feel does not add sufficiently to the post topic may be removed. Edits are made rarely, usually to correct spelling or to make a hyperlink live, and are made in the spirit of making the tutorial more useful for all readers. All comments are moderated. People who attempt to leave comments that are rude or insulting will be banned from further postings. Please note that the best place to ask support questions regarding your weblog is the Movable Type Support Forum or through Six Apart ticketed support.

Become a LMT Contributor

Have you written a Movable Type tutorial that you believe others would find useful? If so, please consider becoming an LMT contributor and posting your tutorial on this website. LMT is only as valuable as we make it. Please review the LMT Author Guidelines. Contact Maarten with your idea or outline at maarten.schenk AT yesitcan.be

LMT History

Learning Movable Type was founded by Elise Bauer in 2004 as a way to remind herself how to do things in Movable Type, the platform she was using to build and manage SimplyRecipes.com, one of the earliest food blogs. Along the way, Jesse Gardner of PlasticMind Design and Arvind Satyanarayan pitched in to help expand LMT and make it a more useful resource for the Movable Type community. As of June, 2011, the administration of Learning Movable Type is in the capable hands of Maarten Schenk, a long time supporter of the Movable Type platform, and a former employee of Six Apart.