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The Style Contest is Live

The Style Contest for Movable Type, Typepad and LiveJournal

Attention Movable Type, Typepad and LJ designers, prepare your mice! After months of planning and coding, The Style Contest is live.

Arvind, Jesse, I and a whole crew from Six Apart have been hard at work to turn what started last year as a simple idea - "Let's have design contest!" - into a real contest, with real prizes, esteemed judges, and some pretty cool coding. (Thank goodness for Arvind who knows how to code, and for Jesse who lives and breathes style, or we'd still be at the "good idea" stage.)

Are you a web designer? This contest is for you. $17,000 worth of prizes. Your work showcased for the world to see.

Are you like me, not a web designer but often wishes she was? Tell your web designer friends about this contest. Think of it this way, the better the designs are that are available for our blogs, the better our blogs will look. (What Buddhists call "enlightened self-interest".) Spread the word.