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Learning Movable Type is Up Again!

It has been a while, but Learning Movable Type is finally alive again!  Many thanks to site founder Elise Bauer who has graciously passed me the torch.  You might know me from my other MT-related site and from the (almost) six years I spent working at Six Apart Europe, where I did (among other things) the support for all European Movable Type users.  So what is the plan with this site?

Learning Movable Type has always been and will remain a place to learn about using Movable Type, with (hopefully) contributions from the community.  So if you are interested in writing for this site, let me know.  (You can even have your own adsense code on your own entries, Elise tells me.)

Personally, I plan on having a look at the older entries on this site with an eye towards bringing them up to date or expanding them for use with more recent versions of Movable Type (or even Melody).  But more about that in the coming days.

Anyway, here's to a second life for 'Learning Movable Type'!  Got any suggestions?  Blow the dust off the old comment form below and let me know!

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Thanks for reviving this site Maarten. I still check here from time to time for advice.


Yes! This site was my learning center for MT when I got started.

I love mt and I used it for many year.. Once switch to other app, but I found this is the best ever..

Many thank to make it alive again..



I am so so happy to hear that ! this is a story about a newbee in movabletype land.

I've discovered MT just some few weeks ago after searchin for a blog engine (cms) . I started by evaluating the one many people are using nowadays and around me even more you guess it "wordpress".

after playing with WP i felt like hum why not but i had to checks first if there was any good alternative ( you never know). so after searching i came across movable type downloaded it , play with it a little on my personal computer and i fall love with it and i was sad to learn all the story about the hype it had before and the decline of today . but still i wanted to learn it and when i came across this site i figured it was kind of dead not really updated nor more ... i was this close to revert to WP. but now that you guys are back in bizness i feel so antousiast IT IS GREAT NEWS .... i wanna learn everything about MT ... before putting my blog online in a few days or so ..

Thanks you so much to bring back the light to MT

keep up the good work.

I'm gonna advertise it every time i will have opportunity iwould like to see the community around mt grow again.


from paris

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