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BlogHer 2005



Well, I'm finally recovered from the weekend of playing audio technician at the sold-out 2005 BlogHer conference. Got to meet several fellow MT and TP bloggers in attendance, like ProNetter Jenifer Hanen (pictured left), Christine Halvorson, Lynda Keeler, Gina Hughes and Ronni Bennett.


ProNetter Niall Kennedy from Technorati was in attendance and took some great photos.

Journalist JD also has some great BlogHer photos posted here.


Here's Mary Hodder making a comment in the main hall.

Unfortunately I was so swamped with getting the audio equipment to work right and then running mics during the sessions, I hardly had any time for photos and missed most of the general sessions.

The session audiocasts will be posted on the BlogHer website (I think) and IT Conversations at some point.

Many thanks to fellow volunteers Susan Kitchens and Jara Euston as well as the fabulous organizers - Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort, and Jory Des Jardins for helping to make the whole volunteering experience a lot of fun.

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