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Movable Type Firefox Shortcut

I'm constantly bringing up different client's Movable Type installs for maintenance, and typing out the full path to Movable Type gets old quick. If you install MT to a consistent location (/cgi-bin/mt/mt.cgi) as I do, I've got a little Firefox shortcut that will make your life easier.

In Firefox, go to the bookmark management/organization section. Create a new bookmark.

Name: Movable Type
Location: http://%s/cgi-bin/mt/mt.cgi
Keyword: mt

Now just type 'mt yourclientsite.com' and Firefox does the heavy lifting. If you want a FastCGI rendition, just create another bookmark with mt.fcgi and set the keyword to 'mtf'. It's totally flexible, just put in your standard installation location and you're off!

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Wow! Great trick. Very nice.

Thank you.

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