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Hackathon 07 NYC


Just got back from NYC, where Six Apart hosted a Hackathon with MT developers and an Executive Summit. I finally got to meet LMT collaborators Jesse Gardner and Chad Everett (yay!) Also in attendance were Jay Allen, Anil Dash, Byrne Reese, Kevin Shay, David Jacobs, Finn Smith, Dave Aiello, Amit Snyderman, Nicola Monat-Jacobs, Maarten Schenk, Su, Tim Appnel, and Dan Wolfgang. Dan, bless his heart, brought thin mints for everyone.

Here are some more photos from the Hackathon. If you have some posted, please let us know in the comments.

Maarten posted videos from the sessions at the Executive Summit here: http://maartenschenk.be/video/newyork.

Here are Byrne's Hackathon notes and Jesse's thoughts about the Hackathon.

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