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Amazon Web Services

Updated March 9, 2007

The Amazon Associates program allows you to receive a sales commission from the sale of Amazon products that you promote on your website. The easiest way to take advantage of the Amazon Associates program is to use Amazon's Build Links feature to build some simple links to specific products or groups of products. If you don't want to use the graphical ads that Amazon provides, you can customize the link and select a basic display to get the specific URL for the product you want.

Amazon.com also allows developers to tap directly into its product database through Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition to simple product links, as an Amazon Associate, you can use a number of scripts, programs, and services to serve up ads that vary upon browser refresh and even full-fledged Amazon stores. Here are a few options:


rsContext is a PHP script which displays ads for Amazon.com (and Amazon.co.uk) products, using Amazon Web Services. One benefit for rsContext ads is that they can easily be displayed as the "alternative ad" for Google's Adsense ads.

rsContext requires both PHP and MySQL. It helps to have access to phpMyAdmin or a tool like it to edit your MySQL database. The rsContext Setup Tool helps to generate the alternative ad code you need for the Google script.

Here's an example:

MTAmazon and Media Manager BookQueueToo

MTAmazon and Media Manager are plugins that tap into Amazon's web services and can give MT blog creators power and flexibility when managing book lists on their blogs, much like what Typepad users have with their book typelists.

Full-featured Amazon Stores

Amazon now offers a store-building feature called aStore.

Amazon Associates Forums

Amazon.com hosts an informative and active forum for its Associates. You may need to log in with your Amazon ID to access these forums. One of the forums is specifically geared toward Amazon Web Services.


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