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Trackback XML Files

This article applies to MT version 3.1x and MT3.0x.

In MT versions 3.1x and earlier, you may have noticed in your Movable Type blog archive directory on your web server, a bunch of .xml files beginning with numbers. What are these files and do you need them?

By default, Movable Type generates an individual RSS feed for each entry that lists the TrackBack pings for that entry. This is useful is someone wants to subscribe to your Trackbacks via RSS. How often does that happen? Usually, never. You can safely delete those files from your archive directory on your web server. To unclutter your archive directory and keep from generating the TrackBack .xml files in the future, find the line on your mt.cfg file that says:

# GenerateTrackBackRSS 0

Uncomment that line by removing the # from the beginning of that line. Save the file and reload it to your server, remembering to reset the permissions to whatever permissions you had originally set for that file.

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