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Movable Type Resource Sites

Fortunately for those of use who use Movable Type, there are several folks who devote much of their free time to understanding, exploring, and extending the capabilities of MT, and are willing to share that knowledge with the rest of us.

Here's my roundup of good sites (in addition to LMT) to investigate while learning how to use Movable Type (I will add to this list over time):

    Movable Type Support Forums - The MT Forums should be your first stop for questions regarding Movable Type. Before posting, read this thread which will explain general rules of conduct and the best way to find answers. Generally, play nice, read the MT Manual (3.2) first, and try a search before posting to see if your question has already been anwered.

    Six Apart ProNet Weblog - a blog from Six Apart for MT professionals. Useful announcements and tips.

    Planet Movable Type - an aggregator of feeds from many sites that are focused on Movable Type. Useful for staying informed of the latest MT news and developments within the extended MT community.

    MT Plugin Directory - If you want Movable Type to do something it doesn't seem able to do, chances are someone has developed a plugin (see What's a plugin?) for it. The MT Plugin Directory is a centralized directory of most of the plugins available.

    Movalog - Arvind Satyanarayan's site for hacks, tips, and plugins. Arvind is a 16 year old student in the United Arab Emirates who knows more about Movable Type than I ever hope to, and is generous with sharing his expertise. Arvind's non-MT weblog can be found at Vox'ing from Abu Dhabi

    Six Log - The weblog for Six Apart, the company behind Movable Type and Typepad. Very useful for official announcements regarding Movable Type. More more close-up details of the inner workings of the company, see founder Mena Trott's Mena's Corner.

    The Girlie Matters: Tips and Tricks - Six Apart support expert Shelley's collection of MT tips and tricks. Shelley has a knack for figuring out the hard stuff.

    Eat Drink Sleep Movable Type - MT tutorials from Dan and Sherree.

Movable Type Developers

    Tim Appnel - Feeds.app, MT-RelatedEntries, MT-Closure, Tags.app and others.

    Brad Choate - Master maker of many useful and important plugins for Movable Type.

    Chad Everett - MT-Notifier.

    Adam Kalsey - SimpleComments, Related Keywords.

    Kevin Shay - ExtraFields, BigPAPI, Compare, Loop, Columnize, and others.

    David Raynes - MultiBlog, WorkFlow, Vote, FeedBurner.

    Arvind Satyanarayan - MT-Blogroll, Planet MT, MT Style Generator, MT-Protect.

Other Sites

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